holistic approach to health and training

Often people think they need to spend hours in the gym and starve themselves in order to look good. My mission is to help you get better in all aspects of your health. NO restrictive diets, NO generic workouts. Small and effective lifestyle changes combined with a sustainable diet and training program designed specifically for your needs.

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MY Gym Comes To You

  • I bring gym equipment to you
  • Workout in the place of your choosing
  • No gym membership required
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  • Workout online from anywhere
  • Professional LIVE guidance & supervision
  • No equipment necessary - (Can work with equipment available)
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In the Gym

  • Access to full gym amenities
  • Access to cardio machines
  • Motivation of a gym environment
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About me

About me

Michal is a former professional Muay Thai fighter and Karate National Champion (of Czech Republic) with a competitive MMA background. He has trained under some of the best professionals, including an Israeli Defense Force (IDF) elite combat unit specialist. Michal has been in the world of martial arts since the age of 7, learning and testing different fitness & nutrition approaches. Discovering changes in himself, he decided to help others achieve their health and fitness goals. Michal has trained all kinds of people, ranging from professional athletes to complete beginners. His background includes training kids, who he loves working with. Michal stays on top of the most updated science and research, emphasizing heavily on accurate information and guidance.


Tim R.

Cannot recommend Michal Fiala any higher. His knowledge of exercise and fitness and his ability to help others is unmatched...and on top of that he's just a great guy to work with and be around.

Mayuri B.

Michal uses a variety of techniques and has tested out A LOT himself. Health is his passion. He brings together what he has found to work best, and he continues to keep himself updated with new research. He has plenty of knowledge regarding nutrition and extra tips that help with overall well being.His training caters to your needs; he can adjust to your level and will have you meet your goals within a given timeframe.Michal is sweet and strict; he does NOT play when it's time to work but has a gentle demeanor- he's just the kind of personal trainer you need.He will not allow you to slack, so make sure you come on time!

Birgit D.

I truly struggled to stay within a workout routine. I tried everything. The only thing I never tried was a personal trainer. Let me tell you, when I found M and his way of versatile, healthy, injury-free and sustainable fitness program, it finally gave me the satisfaction of a workout I enjoy. On top he keeps me committed, makes it easy and is 100% reliable! M is knowledgeable, loves his work and is genuinely interested in finding the best workout for you. He is a good listener and makes things fun. He helped me to break the curse of the couch potato, I am fit and healthy thanks to him and there is no more I could ask for! 

Josh H.

I started boxing lessons with Michal and within six classes I have learned crucial information and in easy going setting. An amazing trainer to work with that works around your schedule and gives you fair prices! Recommend 10/10!

Michal K.

Michal has been my trainer for the last couple of years. We started to train together after my knee injury. It was a difficult time for me because I already tried several different fitness trainers and no one was able to adjust training to my specific needs but Michal perfectly adjusted the training program to my abilities and my knee limitation. As time pass I became stronger, more agile and in general, I felt much better. We definitely had a time when training did not go the way we wanted but Michal was always willing to listen to my needs and we found a common way. I highly recommend him as a personal trainer, he is easy going guy with a strong knowledge of the fitness world.

Patric C.

I’ve always had problems losing weight and keeping it off. With Michal’s help I was able to shed 15 pounds last year. I did have an issue when I plateaued and couldn’t seem to lose any more weight. This is usually the point where I quit for a year. But Michel was able to adjust my diet and exercise routine and get me past it. Thank you Michal for your devotion to my well being and keeping me motivated. You keep me moving. Couldn’t have done it without you!

Pushkar W.

I started training with Mike about 8 months ago, and even though it was my own determination to shed the weight, it was Mike’s programs and workouts that got me to where I am today. A no-nonsense attitude, mixed with weight training and intense cardio routines will whip anyone who is willing to take it on into shape in no time. Now I’m almost 20 pounds lighter! A great facility, mixed with your own determination and a trainer who genuinely wants to help people get fit is the perfect recipe for success.

Paul S.

I'm a long-time weightlifter but from my very first session with Michal I learned some new stuff. With the COVID pandemic, I'm trying new things since I only have a partial weight set at home and my gym is closed. I'm looking forward to learning more exercise variations and working more with resistance bands with Michal. He's been great about availability/scheduling and has very reasonable rates. In inspiring shape, Michal's easy on the eyes, too. Recommended.